Volunteering In Malaysia in 2019? Volunteer With These Malaysian NGOs

Volunteering In Malaysia in 2019? Volunteer With These Malaysian NGOs

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There are many volunteering opportunities in Malaysia where you as a volunteer can put your skills to good use. There are countless of SPOs, NGOs, Nonprofits, and SEs in Malaysia and South East Asia alike, so sometimes it can be hard to select the right volunteer programme that matches your interest and skillset.

That’s why we’ve selected the top-ranking volunteering programmes in Malaysia for you. You can find many more NGOs to volunteer for on www.inpactor.com, but here are 10 volunteering programmes we believe are worth highlighting.

10 Volunteering Programmes in Malaysia You’ll Want To Join

Urban Hijau on Inpactor

Urban Hijau

Urban Hijau is a planned sustainable social enterprise, using their urban agriculture site as a means to unite people, generate profit, and preserve the planet simultaneously. Urban Hijau offers specialized programs on green education topics, and more.

» Click here to volunteer with Urban Hijau

Earth Heir on Inpactor

Earth Heir

Earth Heir works with over 100 artisans from women’s cooperatives, indigenous tribes and refugee groups, across 6 states of Malaysia by combining traditional skills with modern, contemporary design.

» Click here to volunteer with Earth Heir

Life Below Water on Inpactor

Life Below Water

The world’s oceans – their temperature, chemistry, currents and life – drive global systems that make the earth habitable for humankind. Life Below Water aims to preserve and improve quality of aquatic life, with a focus on turtles

» Click here to volunteer with Life Below Water

Taylors Community on Inpactor

Taylor’s Community

Taylor’s Community aims to give back to the community in a structured and sustainable manner that ensures the greatest possible impact on beneficiaries. Their social intervention initiatives are geared towards eradicating urban poverty.

» Click here to volunteer with Taylor’s Community

Reef Check Malaysia on Inpactor

Reef Check Malaysia

Reef Check Malaysia is a non-profit organisation registered in Malaysia since 2007, working to conserve coral reefs, implementing long term community programmes in Tioman, Sibu, and Mantanani.

» Click here to volunteer with Reef Check Malaysia

Elom Empowerment on Inpactor

Elom Empowerment

Elom Empowerment is a non-profit organisation founded in 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. Their mission is to empower refugees with opportunities and means to reach their full potential to become productive members of the hosting society.

» Click here to volunteer with Elom Empowerment

Cerebral Palsy Malaysia on Inpactor

Cerebral Palsy Malaysia

GAPS or Alliance of Children with Cerebral Palsy is established and registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia in 2016. GAPS supports and empowers people with CP and their families, including promoting social inclusion and awareness.

» Click here to volunteer with Cerebral Palsy Malaysia

EcoKnight on Inpactor


EcoKnights is a leading Malaysian not-for-profit organization established since 2005. EcoKnights delivers interventions to mobilize stakeholders towards sustainable community development in a wide variety of sustainable development programmes.

» Click here to volunteer with Ecoknights

The Champions on Inpactor

The Champions

The Champions is a local community building organisation aimed at empowering young people with the experience, knowledge and skills to become Champions in their lives, driving positive and sustainable impact in the Sarawakian community.

» Click here to volunteer with The Champions

Save Our Seahorse on Inpactor

Save Our Seahorses

Save Our Seahorses Malaysia is a non-profit group established in 2005 which uses seahorses as a flagship species to conserve vital marine habitats. The major areas are in research, education and awareness, and information dissemination.

» Click here to volunteer with Save Our Seahorses

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