Incorporating Blockchain to Scale Your Business

What are the scale killers for Corporate Social Responsibility and the humanitarian industry? And how is Incitement currently incorporating blockchain technology into its business? These are the questions Zikry Kholil answers during a panel session at BLOCFEST KL 2018, alongside Cris D. Tran, Ras Vasilisin and Violet Lim.

Zikry shares his thoughts on how blockchain technology can benefit the humanitarian industry through Corporate Social Responsibility, but points to huge overheads, lack of accountability and overall inefficiency as the current ‘scale-killers’ in the sector for humanitarian help.

Furthermore, Zikry explains how Incitement (with Inpactor) uses smart contracts to streamline communication and efficiency between Brands, Causes & Volunteers, and to measure who is reliable and accountable on making sure that the beneficiaries for a particular project are actually benefited through that project.

Inpactor is the underpinning technology that provides a scalable solution for Incitement’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. Not only does it allow for the creation of more social impact, it also provides a better and more consistent solution for each stakeholders’ challenges. Learn more about Inpactor.

Watch’s Zikry’s talk at BLOCFEST KL 2018 below

Zikry Kholil on Incorporating Blockchain to Scale Your Business

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